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Some marketing failures with Alpine Components

Let's talk about the bad stuff

How the Alpine Components launch went

Jason and I just launched a thing. Let's talk about how it went

No such thing as passive income

Or is there?

Prepping for a conference talk

Some thoughts on this time around (it's going well)

Introducing: The TodoQueue Method

Prepare yourself

Task looping

Tasks spawn other tasks

The hedonic treadmill

Step off.

I'd like to create a bigger web of thoughts

I think I'm working with a smaller set of thoughts than I...think

Chrome tab groups are awesome

You heard it here...

Aim higher, miss higher

Kinda like "aim small, miss small", but different...

Get good at dusting stuff off

I just want to be a healthy accomplisher of things

Do stuff that can be "done" & start with the thing you least want to do

Woah - two huge lessons for me

Cons of web3

Let's talk cons...

Pros of web3

One (or two) thing I hope we take away from all this web3 stuff

Walking away from opportunity

I'm walking away from something...

I love Shark Tank

There, I said it.

My new years resolution: Presence

My latest framing of my life struggles

I'm really grateful for my knowledge

I'm more grateful than ever for it...

Next.js is super cool

Caleb likes next

Getting rich off teenagers

I mean... if they're willing to pay?

Coding on VR goggles?

Should I buy a quest 2?

If the solution is big and gnarly, sit on it till it's not

About to solve a hard problem in a really complex way? Wait. (a Livewire feature story)

Browser focus management woes

Wew, this stuff is deep

NOTHING beats a good tutorial

That's right

Going back to 9 to 5

It's time...

Don't be scared of the jerks

Let me tell you about a time where someone tried intimidating and threatening me and it almost worked.

A deal's a deal

Let me tell you about the time I learned "A deal's a deal"

Daniel always does the right thing

Let me tell you a quick story about my good buddy Daniel

Interview w/ Marcus Sterz (creator of the MonoLisa font)

This is a first for this podcast! Today I talk with Marcus Sterz, the typeface designer who built and designed the font I use to code every day. Super cool chat with l...

Teleportation (Portals in Alpine)

Adding portal functionality to Alpine. Let's talk about it.

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