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Commit to the trick

Skateboarding, babies, Philo, and software...

The forest is enchanting

I just got back from a trip and want to tell you a bunch of little random things about it.

JS frameworks are all the same (or becoming that way)

I just watched the video on Svelte 5 runes - random thought

No "YOU" fix it!

Let's talk about how I feel when people ask me to fix things for them

My cool desk & making more money


Waking up early is the cure to all my problems in life


Now, a question of etiquette

As I pass do I give you the a** or the cro***

Don't talk sh** about kids

Just don't

Everything is good and bad

Let me tell you about my life and how awesome and horrible it is

Skateboarding with babies

I know...

Our dear friend

an update about a dear friend

Mowing the lawn is important

totally important

The paradox of control


Let's talk money and ethics and software


The fierce competitor in me

I mean, I'm not saying I'm mj...

Wanna go deep on a morphing problem?

I dare you to listen to this

People are loving Livewire and it feels great

The title says it all

Favorites are stupid lol

I don't like when people pick favorites. Maybe it's just me

How quickly we forget...

You work really really hard... and dream of what it will be like when you're done... then you're done... and it doesn't feel that way

Everything gets dethroned eventually

It's an inevitability 

The war of art

I'm fighting the good fight over here

2 tech twitter annoyances

Hear me complain about people complaining

Unclear thoughts on solidness

Solidness as a quality of code

Living the dream

I would have spit out my Ovaltine if you had told 15 year old Caleb he'd be doing what he's doing now.

What about the next 10 years

What will I fill the next 10 years of my career with?

Be the gazelle

Just be around longer than everyone else

Pay well get well

On paying for things...

The value of a fresh start

Fresh starts are a magical thing...

Tax time

Let's talk taxes and accountants and how much of a schlep I am

Programming is like stand-up comedy

A thought on stand-up comedy and surfing

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