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The big bad bug

A tale of a big bad bug...

Grow where you're planted

Grow where you're planted... yo...

Forums are so awesome

Where have these been all my life?

Telescopes are awesome

They totally are

Have a circle

Prepping for Laracon and thinking about how nice it is to have a circle of friends who will help a brother out.

The oxidation of tools and ideas

What a title amirite

On faking covid and skipping school


The art of non-judgement

Let's talk about judging other people and related paradoxes...

I solved a hard problem

A story of me solving one of the most nagging, persistent code problems I've faced over the last year or so.

Hooks as middlewares

Let's talk about the latest evolution of my little hooks pattern

The way I use hooks (not those kind)

Let's talk about this little pattern I use EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME

Grouping by feature vs function

One of the everlasting systems design dichotomies (that's a lot of big words, ew)

To over-engineer or not to over-engineer

That is the question

How to hold a hammer

Some advice is too much too soon

Nothing is static, everything is a wave

I don't want to try to summarize this one lol.

I'm a builder

If I had to identify with one thing, it'd be that.

Don't settle

You can produce results greater than your abilities if you simply choose to not settle.

Livewire's new core

I'm building the new core for Livewire and want to tell you a little bit about it

The simple way I track money

I used to be all complex about money tracking, now I'm not...

Selling door to door

I've been doing door to door sales - it's pretty fun

Paternity leave and twitter

What I'm feeling about twitter these days

We had a kid

Yeah, so that happened

Knowledge signaling

I'm the only person who cares how smart I am:

Put something out into the world

Sometimes paid, sometimes free

Taylor's comments

they're so pretty right?

When I feel washed up

Sometimes I feel washed up. It's not really a bad thing though...

Fun with JavaScript memory leaks

I'm getting better at discovering and being aware of memory leaks in my JS code

Testing our launch with a subset of people

Test everything.

Why I suck at design

It sucks, but I suck, and here's why.

Don't launch stuff at conferences

It seems like a good idea. In general, it's not.

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