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Pay well get well

On paying for things...

The value of a fresh start

Fresh starts are a magical thing...

Tax time

Let's talk taxes and accountants and how much of a schlep I am

Programming is like stand-up comedy

A thought on stand-up comedy and surfing

How to tell your parents about what you do

My parents always ask "how's work?" and I never have a satisfying answer. Until now... dun dun dun

Realizing my mistakes while refactoring

Let me tell you about mistakes I've discovered I made while refactoring...

Software is like a musical instrument

Let's explore a fun analogy

Pretend everyone costs $1k/hr

Take things as far as you can take them yourself.

Everything develops a patina eventually

All new things become not new and that is something I'm forever learning to deal with

It's gotta get worse before it gets better

You have to climb the hill to see what's on the other side...

To delete or not to delete... (tweets)

...that is the question

I'm feeling good

Yeah, lately I've been feeling pretty good.


We got snow and we don't care who knows

I pooped my pants

One time

My current Vue vs React thoughts

Let's talk about the fundamental differences and their tradeoffs...

Going back to having a messy inbox

I got logged out of my Hey account and now I'm remembering how nice it was not care about emails

Tease out lightweight stuff

A refactoring story...

Write out every problem like a blog post

Crazy effective way to solve problems wew

You gotta be excited

...when shilling something

Strike while the irons hot

I waited on something, sucks...

Validation in Livewire 3

Fun stories about me refactoring Livewire's validation system...

Winning over your audience

How to win friends and influence people, jk.

The big bad bug

A tale of a big bad bug...

Grow where you're planted

Grow where you're planted... yo...

Forums are so awesome

Where have these been all my life?

Telescopes are awesome

They totally are

Have a circle

Prepping for Laracon and thinking about how nice it is to have a circle of friends who will help a brother out.

The oxidation of tools and ideas

What a title amirite

On faking covid and skipping school


The art of non-judgement

Let's talk about judging other people and related paradoxes...

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